COVID-19 Elrha Funding for Research Proposals to support Response in Humanitarian Settings.

Application Deadline: 4th May 2020


Background of COVID-19 Elrha Funding

Elrha is making an urgent call for research proposals to support the COVID-19 response in humanitarian settings.

The aim of this call is to fund public health research that will produce robust findings that can contribute to the effectiveness of the current humanitarian response and increase the evidence base for future responses to similar infectious disease outbreaks.

The Focus of COVID-19 Elrha Funding

This Call focuses on specific priorities related to the current COVID-19 outbreak in humanitarian settings in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Proposals will be eligible for research that targets:

  • Refugees or IDPs in camps or urban humanitarian settings, or conflict-affected people in humanitarian settings in LMICs
  • Health systems and health care workers supporting the COVID-19 response in humanitarian settings in LMICs.
  • The scope of the call covers research that will strengthen the evidence base on how to improve public health outcomes by directly informing the response to the current COVID – 19 outbreak.

The Topics for COVID-19 Elrha Funding

  • Proposals addressing any of the below topics will be eligible:
  • Innovative solutions
  • Supporting existing health care delivery
  • Predicting outbreaks
  • Social science behavioural research
  • Co-ordination and sharing

Timeline for COVID-19 Elrha Funding

Elrha aims to fund rapid research which will directly inform the response to the current COVID-19 outbreak. there is need for Research teams will need to be able to start research activities as soon as possible so that the findings inform the current response.

Eligibility Criteria for COVID-19 Elrha Funding

Applicants for COVID-19 Elrha Funding can be based in any country in the world and must apply as part of an established organisation.

The research team should include academic and humanitarian partners, as appropriate. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that their proposed research is relevant, feasible and ethical. Applicants must be willing to accept the Elrha Grant Agreement without negotiation, to enable rapid contracting.

Final notes about COVID-19 Elrha Funding

Applications must demonstrate inclusion of appropriate research partners to ensure the feasibility of conducting research and ensuring rapid utilisation of findings to inform the response. Study teams must include research expertise required to deliver high quality and rigorous research findings: inclusion in the study team of an academic from a research institution (national and/or international) is strongly encouraged. Applications which propose to undertake primary data collection within a humanitarian setting in a LMIC must demonstrate inclusion of a local humanitarian operational partner to ensure relevance of research question and access to study location.

About “Enhancing Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance (Elrha)”

Enhancing Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance (Elrha) is a global charity that finds solutions to complex humanitarian problems through research and innovation. Elrha envisions a world equipped to mitigate the impact of humanitarian crises with a mission to improve humanitarian outcomes through partnership, research and innovation. Elrha is an established actor in the humanitarian community, working in partnership with humanitarian organisations, researchers, innovators, and the private sector to tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing people all over the world.

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